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building design services

Geometrica offers a full range of design, drafting and documentation services individually suited to your sustainable building project. A typical green home renovation or extension usually consists of design, documentation, specification and tendering.



Overview of the feasibility and costs of different building options, eg extending outwards vs upwards

  • Project brief & budget

  • Conceptual design drawings

  • Preliminary cost estimates


This process takes you from conceptual plans through to fully scaled design drawings of your house

  • Obtain clear project brief & budget

  • Measure & document existing building

  • Schematic design drawings

  • Preliminary cost estimate

  • Planning application (if required)


Technical working drawings of your project ready for tendering or building

  • Detailed plans, elevations & sections

  • Internal joinery & other details

  • Engage consultants, eg. engineer

  • Revised cost estimate


A written document that details everything a builder needs to accurately price and execute the design

  • Select all products & materials

  • Colour & finishes samples



Inviting builders to submit a price for the construction of your building

  • Select suitable builders

  • Call tenders

  • Negotiate with tenderers

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